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== Laboratory Alumni ==
== Laboratory Alumni ==
* John Eisenlohr, Siemens
* [ Naser Sedaghati], Imagination Technologies
* [ Naser Sedaghati], Imagination Technologies
* [ Qingpeng Niu], LinkedIn
* [ Qingpeng Niu], LinkedIn

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High Performance Computing Research Projects

  • Global Trees - Globally addressable distributed tree data structure library and runtime.
  • Pluto - An automatic parallelizer and locality optimizer for multicores.
  • Scioto - A scalable taskpools framework for global address space programming models.
  • Tensor Contraction Engine - An optimization system for quantum chemistry tensor equations.
  • UTS - The Unbalanced Tree Search benchmark is an irregular parallel benchmark.
  • PrimeTile - A parametric multi-level tiler for imperfect loop nests.
  • Hybrid MPI+UPC - Hybrid parallel programming with MPI and Unified Parallel C.
  • Polyhedral Compilation - Polyhedral Compilation projects.
  • DDGVec - A dynamic analysis of vectorization potential.
  • HOSTS - The High Order Stencil Transformation Suite: A framework for enhancing data reuse via associative reordering.
  • SDSL - Stencil Domain Specific Language: A language and compiler for developing performance portable stencil code.
  • IE - Inspector/Executor compiler : A source-to-source transformation to target distributed memory systems for partitionable irregular loop computations
  • SpMV on GPUs - Optimizing sparse matrix-vector multiplication on GPUs

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Laboratory Alumni

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